Posted by: menotmd | October 12, 2010

What is #healthjustice?

So today on twitter, an organization committed to health justice in the state of connecticut held a tweetchat with the #healthjustice.

@kdpaine Question 1: Have you ever heard the term “Health Justice?” #HealthJustice -1:13 PM Oct 12th, 2010

@kdpaine Question 2: Do people of color feel like they’re treated different because of their race? #HealthJustice -1:20 PM Oct 12th, 2010

@kdpaine Question 3: Are most people happy with the level of healthcare they receive? #HealthJustice -1:32 PM Oct 12th, 2010

@kdpaine Question # 4: Where do you typically go for health info. or for advice on medical issues? #HealthJustice -1:43 PM Oct 12th, 2010

@kdpaine Question 5:Who‘s responsible for making sure that people are live long and healthy lives? #HealthJustice -1:53 PM Oct 12th, 2010

What are your answers to these questions? (bueller? bueller? anyone? anyone?)

You should join the hashtag next time they have a conversation or follow them!

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