Posted by: menotmd | July 2, 2009

Remixing and Disrupting

About 2 tuesdays back, the science portion of the NYT featured an article for coordinated health care. It was a rather interesting article as the article examined EMR’s (electronic medical records) as an integral component of monitoring and providing adequate, robust health care to a family that had a whole mess of things going on. What was interesting about the article was, of course, the patient empowerment component. The family members are able to monitor each other and themselves for ER situations. For the past month, Christensen’s book Disrupting Technologies has been a pervasive theme. It is a topic in my health informatics class. The tenacious blogger/twitter-er epatientdave is having a wook club on his blog about it. It’s a good book, do not get it twisted. Christensen makes a good case when he talks about personal computers disrupting the mainframe computing industry – I mean, back in the day, who could afford one of those gigantour massive entities, aside from major cha-ching making companies? So when you make something rinky dinky enough so folks can tinker and tweak it, eventually it becomes unnecessary to invest in the illmatic machines. But the key thing was folks like you and I had to be able to get a starting block on our hands before we made it our own and eventually usurp the computing industry. I see the samething happening with EMRs, maybe not now… (but hey, the first ATM machine was used in 1969), but give us some time and folks like you and I are gonna be using words like CBC count, HbA and other craziness in our vocab. Maybe one of these days, instead of someone saying “you are dumb” – perhaps someone might say “yo, i think you are missing a few neurons.” Or maybe they’ll say “maybe your ectoderm ain’t fully developed”. Or maybe they’ll ask “did stupid cross your blood-brain barrier?”


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