Posted by: menotmd | August 24, 2009

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

So this weekend I saw Inglorious Basterds with my brothers. I don’t know if Tarantino was timing it for the whole health care debate and get people further up and arms about government take over, but BOY did my night end with a discussion on [insert Martin Lawrence’s “DAMN GINA” voice] “why we gotta let the gov’t take over?”
Obviously, given our rather uninformed/informed perceptions of state/public controlled societies, when one hears the words “socialized medicine” – we think “Castro!” “Soviet Union!” and immediately run for our top guns and towards the red dawn. However, before we grab our black marker and color a square above Obama’s lip, ask yourself a couple of questions:

1) Do I know someone or heard of someone who died because they didn’t have access to medical care?
2) Have I ever paid a high price for medical care even though I have medical insurance?
3) Do I go to sleep every night worrying that my family won’t have medical coverage because I might not have a job tomorrow?

If you answered yes, then why in the hell are you opposing socialized medicine? Life is already stressful – why would you compound it more by having to worry about healthcare? You scared because some crazy micheal ironside looking lady wants to deliberately give you misinformation (it’s that or she can’t read) and tell you that our society will soon run like Lowry’s “The Giver”?

I want to know: Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf and why? Why are you pandering to these christian right folks who want to have a “safety net that catches some, but not all”? And those “not all” are the poor folks. Some of those christians placing judgement on my friends and family who don’t have a job and don’t have health insurance lives. Those christian right creating their own death panel by deciding how big is the safety net. Hypocrites… you christian right folks say you love everyone, but really don’t love no one.

I wanna know why we are so polarized on an issue that clearly has our greater good in mind. Regardless whether the policy is great, we need change the status quo (present system) and frankly, if we could spend money on wars (and SNAFUing on THAT) – health care seems minimal by comparison.

The reality is that right now our health insurance decides who lives and who dies. This was vividly on displayed during MTV’s show “Real World” when Pedro Zamora could not get access to health care because he had AIDS. But you don’t need to take my word for it, check out Guaranteed Healthcare – they have lots of stories, and that’s just in Cali. Sounds like a defacto “death panel” in effect now, so what are folks worry about? The worse is already happening.

That aside, this whole idea of socialized medicine perpetuating a fear of the red spread — get over it! Tom Cruise did! Do you see him advocating for the remake of Top Gun? (a-ight, a-ight – his son is starring in the remake of red dawn, so maybe that ain’t the best example) But there are many countries that have socialized medicine, such as Australia, UK, Canada, Finland and not just Russia and Cuba (although, Cuba has an infant mortality rate lower than the US and the avg. life span is comparable to ours – if you don’t believe me, check out the World Health Organization), that you can point to as successes and not feel like a traitor to your country (perhaps the cold war you fightin’ is in your heart).

That all said, in the words of public enemy: DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE.


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