Posted by: menotmd | August 30, 2009

When it comes to our health, we all gotta watch each other’s back!

Some of you know me and some of you don’t — that’s fine, but I will tell you that as time goes on, you will get to know members of my family (blood related and not). The following is an email my dad wrote to me tonight about taking care of each other and the importance of feeling like we got each other’s back (aka community). Enjoy.

Well… I have a good story to tell you.

Every morning I make a sandwich for me and your mother, its our lunch for the day. I took mine and left your mother’s on the table. I left for work and your mother went to the basement to get ready…. our lovely 2 little cats, Macho and Sky jumped on top of the table and started to eat the sandwich but they made the mistake of dropping it to the floor. Pancho (the dog featured above) was watching them and started to bark. When your mother came to check about the commotion, she didn’t realized what had occurred. However, Pancho kept barking and looking at her. Later on when she went to get her lunch the sandwich was gone. Pancho kept his guard up looking and telling your mother something was wrong. When she looked under the table there was the sandwich. Pancho was fighting with macho protecting the sandwich…. it was like pancho was telling your mother… “I am fighting for your lunch! Hurry up! I can’t hold it any longer! Get the holy water these two guys are devils in disguise!”

love you…DAD.

So guys, we have a whole bunch of Panchos barking and unlike my mother, we know what is going on. And like Pancho, those doing the protecting aren’t gonna be able to hold it any longer. Let’s move on this reform.



  1. What a fabulous analogy! I love your Dad’s style and wit. It’s great having such supportive parents!

  2. You are absolutely right. I wish my dad would write more, because my world would be better for it. And my parents are definitely supportive, loving and all the crazy adjectives that makes a great family. Thanks for reading!

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