Posted by: menotmd | September 17, 2009

Lessons from Med 2.0 Congress

Success in virtual clinics for HIspanics: lessons learned from forumclinic users

Programed launched in Jan 2007.
Patients can become autonomous, by being informed.
DVDs was multimodel and mounted a portal – one click access to chronic conditions
have information about videos and genetics
get diagnosed
get a dvd from the forumclinic, this dvd have information about the condition, diagnostics, how to manage it, interviews with patients
Clinicians in the video is board certified (graphics are “top-notched”)
Program is dictated by the prevelence
dissemination route
is available material prominent for the condition
abailabilit of experts
PH agence

Diseases that are prevelant
mental diseases
cardiovascular diseases

Forum has A/V and families and patients can use it. Not diagnosing or curing, but providing information

there’s a news feed where drs translate current and high impact articles if necessary
50% of audience is in Latin America and in the US

Are doctors apprehensive to use this? Depending on the conditions and doctors were paid for their time to do this.
It works and are doing research to identify the tools for success
Not funded by pharmaceutical companies, therefore
how it deals with changes in practices, constant updating…


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