Posted by: menotmd | September 17, 2009

Lessons from Medicine 2.0 Congress (gambling)

ProblemGambling Website

Gambling means risking something of value when there is an element of chance associated with the outcome.

Gambling goes back more than 6000 years
society appears to have embraced gambling, legal or otherwise
fastest growing addiction

Views of Gambling over time SIN(prohibition) – VICE (las vegas/rat pack) – Entertainment (Reno/Vegas now)

big business
>135,000 Canadians are employed by gambling activities
$2bil are spent promoting gambling activity

balance access to gambling activities versus the community (public health)

prevalence rate of moderate and severe problem gambling in ontario is estimated to be %3.5

Trained response system for Gambling, this is the goal of this website.
These folks are trying to with the inaccessibility even though it is very accessible.

pipeline relevant information and disseminated faster
creating a community of practice
healthcare funders are starting to “get it” – the powerful impact of the internet.

This part is the most visited area of the site

this site is in over 14 different languages

By the way, who knew that sitting at the slot machines can breed bladder problems? Yeah, this site puts it together for us.

How do they evaluate the effectiveness?
use of site by those who need it
use by enthnocultural groups
recommendations to use site to their colleagues and clients
is it cost effectiveness

these are rough notes of the talk, but I’d rather get it out than sitting on it til i clean it up (because y’all know how dirty I am- so it will take a good minute, but these bloggers are like, don’t matter – get it out! So aqui esta!)


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