Posted by: menotmd | September 17, 2009

Lessons from Medicine 2.0 Congress (Portal)

Professional Portal to Client Portal (Focus on Gambling Site)

What is a portal?
folks have different definitions
word emerged in the 90s
CMS Watch (2008) defines portal as a framework for integrating infomation, applications and progresses across organizational boundaries

health care portal:
-med informatics
-patients support

US health care portals are in the generation 1 and 2

Uses Sharepoint 2007
-every platform has strengths and weaknesses
-requires customizations
-get it out there
-DO YOUR RESEARCH AND WORK – don’t believe Vendors or IT folks, YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK and Research (nothing is perfect).

Chris Tysiaczny, M.B.A.
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

as soon as I get the slideshare and such, i’ll put it on here


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