Posted by: menotmd | June 6, 2010

Who got nominated for what?!

Hey folks.

Sorry it’s been a minute since I last posted something interesting to read, but you know the excuse – work, school… life! life sometimes gets in the way (as in Jill Scott’s “Getting in the way”). Anyways, so I am one class short of graduating from library school, which means that once I am done — I will no longer be a broke student, I’ll just be broke (damn… I’m so broke, I lost a word). It also means that I will be able to push my skills as much as humanly possible, right?

So my point of the title?

Thanks for nominating and voting for my post on 3 Quarks Daily. I don’t know what will come from it, but its pretty cool to be up there with pharyngula and discover mag writers, as well as my favorite post of the bunch — the chemistry of kissing . I am a sucker for folks who take fun topics and add science to it or take boring science topics and add fun to it.

Another thing, it was cool to have my friends (you know who you are) to finally come to my blog and read my posts.

One last thing, it was awesomely cool to call my parents and guide them through the voting process (Yes, I did!).

So thanks folks. However it turns, who cares? You read it and really that’s all I care about… by the way, the next medicine 2.0 conference is occurring in Netherlands. You should go if you have the time and money.


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