Posted by: menotmd | June 8, 2010

This stuff is bananas!!!

So thanks alot my peoples for voting for me. I made the top 20 and given the caliber of some of the writing on this thing, I don’t suspect I’ll continue on. But that’s cool, have you read some of the posts!? I wrote mine over a 2 hour sitting trying to make sense of that concert conference. If you peeped out Norman’s article , there some serious thought behind it, something like a research paper (I bet it is, but you know how it goes – I’ll wait for the author to define it and call it that) and blogging can be that intense. Blogging is also a document of whatever YOU wish it to be — some folks write dairies, some folks write poems, some folks write to make you mad and other folks you cuss out their teacher for teaching them to write — but it’s a process towards attaining what YOU define as a masterpiece. I’m just lucky that some of y’all are interested in my process, however boring, silent, mudane, crazy, exciting it may be, thanks for checking in and making sure I am alright.

So I’ll leave you with another cliche…

El sueño es el único derecho que no se puede prohibir.
(Glauber Roche)

Peace Familia!


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