M. E. NOT M.D.

Quirky… in the pejorative and not so pejorative sense…
This means the road I took to get to this blog is long and winding, but nonetheless, I am here and definitely looking to help y’all out. So if you need help finding good, meaty, credible health information – hit me up and I’ll try to shoot something back to you. If you wanna know my credentials (and of course, you do – after all, the reason why you are here is your health – no joking matter), you should know that I am currently a Library student at Simmons College, have a teaching degree from Brown, spent three years in Cuba studying medicine and an undergraduate from Bates College.
Otherwise know that I love to learn, love to read and love to explore all kinds of spaces. I’m just a health 2.0 Librarian looking to make medical information accessible to all. If you know a better way to accomplish this goal, please let me know.


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